Zonnis: Rise of the Sheep


Andrea and Adam Zonnis

By Lisa Waugh

Zonnis’s Rise of the Sheep is a hugely entertaining blend of blues, reggae, roots, rockabilly, folk, and hilarity. Between Andrea Zonnis’s technical training and Adam’s wit, the duo is infectious. The record is smile-inducing.

The couple-to-be performed together for the first time on New Year’s Eve in 2009. They married in 2010 and became Zonnis in 2013, a celebration of the birth of their son Zander. They’ve been making music and touring ever since, and clearly having a blast doing so.

These two black sheep have a message. “Follow the heart and peace and love will flourish.” And if there are rough patches, well, that’ll be fodder for a new track.

There’s love, loss, heartbreak, break-ups, good ole fashioned drankin’ songs, vocal precision, sass and parody in Rise of the Sheep. Proof that this family band is enjoying every minute of their career as hardworking touring musicians and leaders of the blackest of sheep. A relatable adventure for black sheep everywhere.

Andrea Zonnis – Vocals
Adam Zonnis – Vocals, guitar

Production: Barry Mathers

Too Little, Too Late
Up Dawson Creek Without a Paddle
Fly With Me
The Ghost Song
Coco Loco
Party Boots
Springtime Fever
Just a Little Piece
Home Is Where the Heart Is

Accolades: Played ArtsWells Festival, MoM Festival, other small festivals in Western Canada, performed in Costa Rica & Nicaragua