With ‘Eleutherios’ Nic Nassuet Brings Back the Art of Performance

by R.B. Sloane

Nic Nassuet – Twitter: Eleutherios

Cat Arthur, Nic Basset and Catrina Grimm

Cat Arthur, Nic Basset and Catrina Grimm

Actually focusing on entertaining the audience is a rare thing these days. So many artists seem fine with playing some version of themselves but it takes a true artist to slip in and out of roles, to fully and thoroughly pull in the audience or listener. Back in the day, you had Freddie Mercury, Roger Daltry, Robert Plant and the like… Now it’s all too real and fourth wally for me.

Meet Nic Nassuet and Catrina Grimm, the king and queen of gothic folk. The pair bring all of their theatre experience, writing, and musical stage presence out to play on Nassuet’s latest project Eleutherios.

Nassuet and Grimm compliment each other vocally and are equally dedicated to fulfilling a complete experience for their audience. Fine live performers. Find studio partners. They exceed expectation.

Sounding a bit like Nick Cave, but mostly like himself, Nassuet doesn’t shy away from drawing deep emotions out of his listeners. Nassuet has aptly branded his music acoustic horror punk and gothic folk, replete with a string quartet.

Eleutherios could be a rock opera, could be a sound score for any number of film genres, a hoity toity ampitheatre performance, or a big show for an arena. Nic Nassuet and Catrina Grimm can scale it up or down, depending upon the fire code.

I offer up two tracks from Nassuet’s record. First up, “She Rides Moonlight.” Very Nick Drake. Very b-side Kansas and I loved those b sides. “She Rides Moonlight” – besides being a well named song – is all shimmery in that total rock opera way.

Nassuet brings a rawness to the sparse and driving “When It Falls.” This track is a good indication of the kind of magic Nassuet and Grimm can do with just a few instruments. That stripped down power… that’s their thing.

Nassuet is acoustic, operatically punk, or mysterious and dark. I applaud that. Someone had to pick up where theatre nerd-turned rocker Meatloaf left off. What’s truly hot about their music is the way they approach story. You want to listen and keep listening to Nic Nassuet and the lady Grimm.

And that’s quite a feat in a world sans attention spans and bereft of the art of performance.

Nic Nassuet – Guitars Vocals
Catrina Grimm – Vocals

Current live lineup:
Edward Hong on violin
Cat Arthur on bass
Nic Nassuet on guitars and lead vocals
Catrina Grimm on background vocals and percussion

The following musicians have contributed in the studio:
Josh Riccio on percussion, background vocals and effects
William Sewart on violin, bass, viola and cello

Eleutherios Production:

Josh Riccio, Sing Engine Records

Eleutherios Tracklisting:
When It Falls
Black Dress
She Rides Moonlight
Goodnight Goodbye
The Giver
The Nothing
Cross and Crown

“When It Falls” Lyric Video