Winter Calling Releases Three Videos from Their Faces Album

Winter Calling has seamlessly blended metal, rock, and prog rock while maintaining a contained raw power. Their sound is tight, lyrics sharp, and their presence magnetic. The band is also not afraid to take a deep dive into serious topics.

Wayne Hoefle brings his experience as a film composer, adding a wide screen foundation to the band’s music. Ian Medhurst brings his skill as a professional touring guitarist, masterfully ripping through each track. Tim Gilbreath brings soul and balls to the bass lines. And Chris Hodges balances out the band’s heart and guts with his impressive vocals. Winter Calling is a band to study.

They have also crafted three music videos from their record Faces, each showcasing Winter Calling’s take on mental illness, delusion, substance and sexual abuse, and human trafficking.

We’ve used the band’s words to set up each video. All videos directed and edited by Blake Cortes.

“Not Like You”

“This song was inspired by the story of a 40-year-old woman who suffered from dissociative identity disorder. Her alter ego was a rebellious teenager who snuck out of the house, stayed up late, smoked, and partied. The crazy part about this was she had two teenage kids of her own; so this caused conflict between the mother, the daughters, and the rebellious teenage alter ego. This song was written as a back and forth banter between the two personalities.

This video features a special guest appearance by the iconic guitarist, John Wesley (Porcupine Tree, Fish), who also appeared on the album.”

“Follow Me down”

“This song centers around a story of substance abuse and the allure hardcore drugs can have on unsuspecting victims.

The video features Chris, our vocalist, playing the role of a man slowly being seduced and lured away from life as he knows it by a beautiful drug. In the video, the drug is symbolized by the beautiful young woman (the breathtaking, Elayna Clair). Although quite alluring on the surface, much of her is shrouded with a veil not allowing a true look at all she is. She seems enchanting and friendly, but will not let Chris get close enough to see what’s lurking under the veil until it too late.”

“A New Me, A Few Me”

“This song centers around a true story of human trafficking and sexual abuse leading to the development of dissociative identity disorder in a young girl.

The video features two girls who are actually different personalities within one person. There are also a variety of masks worn by both of the girls throughout the video. These also represent the girl(s) minds creating additional personalities to cope with the horrendous abuse. The fate of the girls is altered forever when one personality decides it’s time to take action against her “master”! This video features an amazing performance by the very talented actress Croix Provence.

Fun fact: While the band is not in this video, Tim and Wayne do make cameos as an orderly and a doctor respectively in a mental institution.”

Chris Hodges – Vocals
Ian Medhurst – Guitar
Tim Gilbreath – Bass
Wayne Hoefle – Drums, piano, and keys