The Liquorsmiths ‘This Book Belongs To’

The Liquorsmiths: This Book Belongs To

By Antiem Boyd
Wow. The Liquorsmiths win for that band name. They also win for their new record This Book Belongs To. Start to finish, there’s so much to enjoy. Lyrics, melody, music crafting, production. The Liquorsmiths nail it with this album and deserve a very rare 5 stars. And I swear I’m not drunk or high right now.

Drew Thams vocals are a perfect match to the band’s sound. Whether he’s belting out “Coy With Me” or turning in a more subtle performance on “Thief,” he gets it and you feel that on each track. You can hear what I mean with “Get Well Soon.”

The Liquorsmiths are a San Diego band. They live in and around the zip code of folk but I almost don’t want to type that because this is not folk. It’s definitely beyond that.

Besides Thams, Ryan Fischer and Clayton Payne know how to craft a song with just the right touches of guitar, keys and percussion. They also know how to bring in other artists when they want to add to their sound. It’s rare that a band knows how to make something simple and exciting at the same time. This is not a packaged, overly-produced band or a group that is lost in the weeds of trying to find the right hook. They know who they are and this is essential in making art. Talent + simplicity = good music.

Every track on This Book Belongs To is superb. It’s in the rotation and will remain there. You should download it.

“Let It Come”

The Liquorsmiths Members / Instruments:
Drew Thams – Vocals / Guitar
Ryan Fischer – Keyboards / Drums / Percussion
Clayton Payne – Drums / Percussion

Recorded at Inhesion Studios in Atlanta, GA and Citizen Recording in San Diego, CA.
Produced by Jeremy Grelle and Drew Thams.
Mixed by Jeremy Grelle.
Mastered by Rodney Mills.

This Book Belongs To Tracklisting:
1 Coy With Me
2 Get Well Soon
3 Iris’ Song
4 Thief
5 Devil I Do
6 Dy By Day