Why We All Need Charity

By Antiem Boyd

Charity Ward is a powerhouse for a few reasons. She is made of beautiful music and messages and her latest EP Yellow is proof. A soulful messenger who knows how to draw people in from the back row. She makes simple songs anthems. Big songs personal. It’s no trick of the voice. That’s presence. And generosity. And the belief that music is about sharing our existence with each other.

Charity is genre-less. She effortlessly skips across R&B, soul, pop, and all with her own magnetic power. She’s at ease in any city, situation, large or small stage. Besides her immense talent, it’s that presence that makes legends. As young as Charity may be, what she has is timeless. A unifying voice and song making that truly lifts. A desire to reach out and into those dark places and shed a little light. That’s not just making records. That’s a quest.

Listening to her latest record Yellow is deceptively upbeat in tone. And before you know it, you fall into some deeply felt emotions. The record feels like Stevie Wonder was in the studio or at least at the end of Charity’s fingertips when she crafted the tracks. “Pretty” especially sounds like a Wonder joint. Yellow’s production is masterful. Kudos to Kevin Nixon.

On Yellow, Charity’s voice is a chameleon. Able to be full-on pop ready. Or crooner vixen next as evidenced on “Inspired.” Then she’ll drop in a pop folky track like “Beautiful Moments.” The last track “Undescribable” is a knockout love song.

Charity gets us like… oh, oh, oh.

Members / Instruments: Charity Ward – guitar

Production: Kevin Nixon

Yellow Tracklisting:
1. Beautiful
2. Inspired
3. Pretty
4. Undescribable