Whatcha Watching On Streaming?

By Lisa Waugh

I’ve been out here in the ala carte world for several years, abstaining from cable. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, direct from site, I pull my entertainment from many wells. I tend to follow my own instincts with titles. Occasionally, I’ll look at someone’s list of suggestions but mainly, I follow my quirky instincts.

I always snicker when I see the cast in modern dress

I always snicker when I see the cast in modern dress

I find that I watch different things during the day, such as documentaries (Make Believe, The Square) and series that I can half watch (The Bridge, Come Fly With Me).

Night time is more suited for a newish features (Rush, Captain Philips) or super hot series (Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, Archer).

Just before bed is time to catch up on older shows (Veronica Mars, Lost) that take some time but you don’t mind if you go to sleep so much because you can pick up the next night.

Streaming Suggestions:

An Idiot Abroad – Netflix
Three seasons of the most unhappy man on the planet, Karl Pilkington, as he sent round the world by his friend and torturer Ricky Gervais. Weird thing is, I agree with Karl’s point of view many times. His super power is calling bullshit on things we pretend are amazing.

Season 3 is even better when Warwick Davis comes along for the adventures. And his latest, The Moaning of Life, has Pilkington traveling he world once again, sussing out life and its lessons.

Hit So Hard – Netflix
The rise and fall and recovery of Hole drummer Patty Schemel makes you appreciate our ability to change and why Courtney Love is the worst ever.

Cranford – Amazon Prime
While you’re waiting for Anna to spill it or Mary to get over what’s his face on Downtown Abbey, Cranford is another way to get your period fix on. Judi Dench is not the only treat in this etiquette-is-king charming mini-series.

Norman Reedus is one of the reasons you'll love Walking Dead

Norman Reedus is one of the reasons you’ll love Walking Dead

Veronica Mars – Amazon Prime
Before you see the crowdfunded feature, you gotta get caught up on all things Neptune, why Kristen Bell is the best ever and heavy-handed lighting. Like I said, it’s not like sitting down and focusing solely on the all three series. It’s completely fine to let it roll in the background. You can stop what you’re doing to see Veronica have an epiphany and Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) pout, being tortured like James Dean or cry. The Logan drinking game is still a thing in our house. What?

Archer – iTunes
You can watch the first three seasons on Netflix. But you’ll have to switch to either Amazon Prime to iTunes for seasons 4 and 5. H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Jessica Walter, Adam Reed, George Coe and Lucky Yates make this a fun to watch animated series. It’s wrong and wonderful. Get to know the dysfunctional and cracks fucks of Isis.

Walking Dead – iTunes
I’ll admit, I didn’t like the first three episodes of season 1. It was difficult to see the season premiere right after the finale of Breaking Bad. Two different series. Not the same level of talent. But not everything I watch needs to have the caliber of Breaking Bad.

I walked away for a while. Later on, I went back to Walking Dead and stuck with it. By the time you blaze through season 2, you’ll be hooked.

Saturday Night Live – Hulu

It’s good. It’s really good. Trust me. The Christmas Special with Justin Timberlake was terrific. And who knew Drake was so funny. Plus, Kate McKinnon is next up to hit Fey/Wiig/Poehler status.

Kate McKinnon is fucking hilarious as Justin Bieber

Kate McKinnon is fucking hilarious as Justin Bieber – I’m sure the DUI will give the writers lots of fodder

The Wrong Man(s)

Terrific writing. Great characters. Superb comic timing. You’ll have a good time watching this little British series.

Snooki & Jwoww – MTV.com
Look, you can watch Duck Dynasty (I used to watch that show but, you know, they just had to run out into the street with the homophobic and racist shit continually so now, nah) but this is my dumb show I like to watch.

It’s pure escapism. And watching Snooki’s body evolve is fascinating. Her brain hasn’t grown that much so she’s still fucking hilarious. These two girls are like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis if they were tanned, narcissistic and getting themselves into wacky situations every week. Wait?