Well, Hello, Mimi LaRue

By Lisa Waugh
I don’t know if Mimi LaRue is ready to break into the music business or my house but I like what she’s doing. Comedy + country + rap + pop culture shaming = this girl. Hey, it worked for Rachel Bloom.

LaRue’s series of music videos and tracks reveal just how deadly serious she is about not being serious about anything. Her explicit country track “Country Star” is pure fun and probably not meant as shade to the country music industry as a whole. But even so, the music industry can take it.

LaRue’s rap parody “Filler” is chock full of name-dropping juiciness. “Product” pretty much sums up the current packaging of pop careers. Her style in general runs in the same pack as Lonely Island and Weird Al if he did blue.

In her own words, LaRue is having a grand old time as what “the love-child of Ali G and Lady Gaga would look and sound like.” LaRue should stay at it. She’ll only get sharper with time. I’m in.

Check out her music videos, all directed by Lincoln Hall, below.

“Country Star”



Song Credits:
Country Star – Mimi LaRue, Carmen Trailer-Trash, and Stash Weekly
Filler – Mimi LaRue
Product – Mimi LaRue, Vashti Sivell, and Roman Rojas