San Diego LGBT Pride

Debbie Lyle

My arrival instructions were a simple text from Steve, the host of our morning kick-off breakfast: “Just stop by in AM OK?”

Being a single mom, I’m always the first to arrive… There was the promise of homemade Egg McMuffins. I wasn’t about to pass that shit up!!

8:00AM – I text Steve: “what time is considered early????” The tot and I have been up going on four hours already, hell, it’s getting late!

Traffic WAS NOT a bitch, AND we found parking. I love Hillcrest!! Another beautiful day in sunny Southern California, and from the looks of things, it’s about to get a whole lot better!

A grande coffee in one hand, mimosa in the other… well, champagne with a splash of OJ, a little wakie bakie… ahh, yes… then in walks my friend Dr. Sara. Yowza!!

Dr. Sara and Her Pride Shoes

How’s Ava doing, Dr. Sara asks. I explain that my 2 ½ year old, though vaccinated, is the one kid in 23 million that can still become infected with chicken pox, so we are just hanging for the morning festivities. We can’t join the Parade.

“What do you mean you can’t fucking go?” says Dr. Sara…“Let me see that child!” Dr. Sara gives her a once over, Ava grinning and giggling all the while. Dr. Sara straightens up, smoothes out her Pride dress, and announces with authority, “ I give my stamp of approval, this kid is fine!”

Well, well, in that case…

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines….

As we walked toward the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade, we roll past two hot honeys in a black Mustang. They wave excitedly, and give us a shout, “Happy Gay Day!”

Yes, Happy Gay Day indeed!!!

The parade begins at University Avenue and Normal Street (which always cracks me up) and then turns west on University Avenue to 6th Avenue, turns south on 6th Avenue, ending at Balboa Drive and Upas Street.

From Ava’s point of view

As we make our way through the brightly bedazzled, feathered, and delightful drag-ness of folks also heading toward the Parade, we cross paths with a delicious little couple. Which way to the parade, they ask?” I step up immediately, “This way, honey, follow me.” And to my delight, they jumped right in and joined our merry little band.

They, Kevin and his partner, came just for the day, all the way from Utah. – Kevin, sweet, smokin’ Kevin and I hit it off immediately,

“Where are you from?” He asks. I have been working my Southern charm bullshit the entire way, giving it all I got, in hopes…

”I’m from Atlanta, Georgia”
“We LOVE your accent,” Kevin and his partner reply!!!
(Yes! The charm bullshit, it’s working, it’s working!!)
“Would you like some Grey Goose?” Kevin asks ever so sweetly?

“Why yes I would, honey!” (And that ain’t all!)
“Would you like a cranberry or soda chaser?” asks Kevin.

Kevin’s partner holds up my choices, swirls them around, gives a little smile…

“Cranberry please, I say” (and you and your partner, and me and your partner and, and, and…) “Why thank you ever so much… this is so Yummy, I say!!” (Fuckin yeah right it is, and I ain’t referring to the potent potable).

Hot, it is a hot day, and I don’t just mean the scenery… After about a 1.5 mile hike, we cut through a park to beat the heat and the crowd… you smell Eucalyptus? Yeah. That shit is flammable you know…Yeah, I know.

Almost there… I try to show off a bit, pushing the baby stroller up a huge hill, flexing, working it, giving all a 46 yo MILF is got left!!… As we approach the top, we hear a huge upheaval; sirens, lots of loud sirens, someone in the group is concerned, and says, “I wonder if there is trouble. What is happening? Why all the commotion?”

I respond, “Hell yeah there’s a commotion, it’s in my fucking pants. It’s the firemen!! Move it boys! Help me push this shit up the hill!”

And to all of our delight, there they were!! There they ALL were… men, men, men!!!

Firefighters, Police, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines… uniforms, uniforms, uniforms… This is what Pride is all about baby! I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free…

The steady flow of the rainbow keeps pouring past… Men in thongs, heels, fishnets…men in hats with bats, pops with tops, whips and chips, chains and chicks, bikes and dykes, chicks with dicks… high and low, in and out, fast and slow… go, go, go…

Utah Sandwich – Kevin, Me and Straight Steve

A fella with the “you are beautiful sign”that kinda looks like a clown, gravitated right to Ava, kneeled down right in front of her. Ava blew him a kiss : -))

We made our way through the crowd, walked the entire route, still pushing the baby stroller.

I believe the folks thought we were part of the show… Searching, we are searching for Sara … We see her on a roof top. ”Come on you guys. Up here!”

“There ain’t no elevator?” I ask. “Nope, sorry.” Ah, shit, someone grab the front of this stroller. Mama is tired. The tot, me, our entourage of 5 foxy men, four of which are gay, up, up, up the six story walk-up we go…

Danced, played, played, danced… lots of sugar… ummm… such sweet sugar!!!
“I love you, I love your daughter,” says Kevin from Utah … kiss, kiss, kiss… “We bought her a little gift, and one for you too mommy!”

Awww, too bad Utah, too bad y’all don’t live here! Ava sure could use a great pair of baby daddies, and mama, well, mama wouldn’t mind a little FWB NSA… Did I say that, did they hear me??

Ohhhh, how I wish every day could be Happy Gay Day!!!