Watkins Music “One Life One Love” Makes You Feel Good, Ya’ll

Oh snap. When an artist is described as “feels like Prince AND Olivia Newton John” I’m pretty stoked. And turns out, I’m right to be stoked. Trust me, that combination is epic.

Airreal Watkins

Airreal Watkins

Watkins Music – brother and sister Asa and Airreal Watkins – are bringing back feel good music in a huge way. Their new single “One Life One Love” is glorious in its funkness, pop electric bounce and bursting with soul. It’s dope.

Watkins Music is seriously going to lift you up out of your Nikes. With their addictive upbeat tracks, I think we’ve just landed in dance club heaven and there is a disco ball.

“One Life One Love” is the kind of evidence I throw out to people who think that so many genres are dead or half-buried. As a kid who loved all of those 80s/90s music, I had mix tapes that included Lyle Lovett, Bad Brains and Marvin Gaye.

Asa Watkins

Asa Watkins

Back in those days, an artist was restricted by so many rules and regs. How they were played on radio. How they were packaged. Today, a band like Watkins Music can be all of the delicious things they want to be because an audience doesn’t give a damn about which bin it fits into as long as it fits nicely into their ear buds or headphones.

Their track “Black Widow” is also freaking delightful. Like “One Life One Love,” It’s back in the day. It’s right now.

You got to put Watkins Music into your daily rotation. Infectious, fun and a daily dose will do you good.

Watkins Music Members/Instruments:
Asa Watkins – producer, drums, keys, programing
Airreal Watkins – producer, vocals, arranger, writer

“One Life One Love” Production:
Produced, Arranged, Programming, keys, by Asa Watkins
Writer, vocals and arrangement by Adrian Battle
Vocals, arrangements by Airreal Watkins
Bass Guitar by Taiki Tsuyama
Rhythm Guitar by Noah Hernandez
Rhythm Guitar by Zaccheous Theotis Taylor
Horn Arrangments, Brass section by Winston Byrd
Horns.Woodwind section by Ian Vo
Mixed and Mastered by Gabriel De Sant’anna @ Recon Studio