von Konow: “Cosmic”

By Lela Ajait
For his new record Lieder, Marko von Konow royally growls his way through this crazy old world, fully embracing that sweet spot of one of the best musical eras. Von Konow is, in a phrase, ‘80s-tastic crack at storytelling. He’s U2, Depeche Mode, a bit of Eurythmics, and just a tad Rocky Horror. Great Dr. Frankenfurter!, he’s glorious.

Von Knonow let himself be inspired by his travels as well as his surroundings. Specifically regarding the visuals, he and his collaborators fold in the beauty of the artist’s native Helsinki. The woods of Alentejo, Portugal are an inspiration, too. And most certainly the black and white palette of a cityscape. The moodier, the better.

The video “Cosmic” also showcases von Konow’s looming presence. He stalks through the landscape, replete in sleek leather pants in a long coat with a tie. He longs, he waits, he watches her walk away.

The woman (Jessica Lopes) is perhaps an elusive lover, one the man has set his course for but somehow manages to miss each time. Ships passing or shipwreck victims looking to avoid another collision. Whatever the case, destiny is at work.


Tommi Pietiläinen
Hannu Pyyhtiä
Marko von Konow

Directing and Editing:
Tommi Pietiläinen

Hannu Pyyhtiä

The Cosmic Girl:
Jessica Lopes

Marko von Konow – Vocals, keyboards, and programming
Timo Vikkula – Guitars
Tommi Pietiläinen – Guitars
Jari kääriäinen – Keyboards
Paco Halonen – Bass guitar
Ville Särmä – Drums

Production: Marko von Konow / Vild Music