viseMènn’s Dream Single Begging You Please

By Antiem Boyd
The dream rock genre was created for bands like viseMènn. Their latest single “Begging You Please” has all that you desire in a moody, ambient rock tune. It’s full of gossamer chords and longing like only this Norwegian band can. The tune feels like the deep woods where it was recorded. An atmospheric isolation. A call of the wild, Norway style. Plus, Helge Corneliussen damn near sounds like a young Bono howling at the moon in Slane Castle.

The band plans to release more singles as they perfect and carve and reshape them. Any good song goes through a process. viseMènn seemed to have worked that out early on. Their work has been picked up by artists and used in a highly-visual medium so waiting for the next creation should be worth it.

“Music is a powerful weapon, it can install many different emotions in the heart, it can stir passion and fortitude to the point of alarming highs and sensitive, creative depths of feelings that had been well and truly hidden for years and in ViseMenn, that Nordic outlook coupled with the dynamic overflow of Progressive was just exhilarating.” — Ian Hall

viseMènn Members / Instruments:
Lars Olav Mangelrød: Guitars
Helge Corneliussen: Bass/Vocals
Sølve Eggebø: Keyboards
Magnar Lofthus: Drum)

Mixed by Cenzo Townshend (Decoy Studios), Mastered by Matt Colton (Alchemy Mastering)