Violet Night’s I Hope You’re Well

By Lisa Waugh

Violet Night’s I Hope You’re Well is full of heart and soul. And that is meant in a sincere way far from corny. You’re meant to feel something, not simply skate above it.

The EP’s four powerful tracks also demonstrate simplicity gets your everywhere. Strong songwriting, engaging performance, and then clean production… it’s all there. The big take away is just how well Connor Pohl and T.J. Rounthwaite can make an EP feel so big. And how it can feel very much like an ‘80s pop record that is also important.

The listener is invited to take a deep dive or simply roll around in some thought-provoking good vibes. “Wait” hits you right out of the gate with some steering wheel-thumping goodness. Pretty soon your neck thrust is on full blast.

“Dawn” is a ballad for the unsatisfied. A song that describes the reality of our relationships. We’re bad, we’re good. We’re in love. We’re jerks. Only Pohl and Rounthwaite say it better.

“Comedown” is an apology of sorts. This is the jerks part. I can see a guy holding a boom box over his head playing this song under some lady’s window. It might just work. He seems like he means it.

“I Hope You’re Well” concludes our journey through this relationship that seemed full of passion, nasty clashes, and beautiful scars. We’re caught up, entangled. It’s all right to have all of these feelings.

“I Hope You’re Well”

Connor (Vocals guitar) has played many noteable shows with his other band City Light Vigil, as Violet Night is new, they have yet to gig. But City Light Vigil has played with Carly Rae Jepsen, Down With Webster, The Trews, Trooper, Phil X and the Drills at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood.

Violet Night Members / Instruments:
Connor Pohl: Vocals, Guitars
TJ Rounthwaite: Pianos, Synths

Produced and engineered by Randor Lin at Turnkey Studios in Edmonton, AB. Mixed and Mastered by Dan Weston.

I Hope You’re Well Tracklisting:
1. Wait
2. Dawn
3. Comedown
4. I Hope You’re Well