Vile Display of Humanity, Enough Said

By Rhin Howard

Vile Display of Humanity: Doug Mitchell, Jake Youngberg, David Foster, Marty Petric, Aaron Hatch

Vile Display of Humanity: Doug Mitchell, Jake Youngberg, David Foster, Marty Petric, Aaron Hatch

Four screams in and I know why I was assigned Vile Display of Humanity’s self-titled album. I listed thrash and all of its bastard cousins as a thing I liked when I applied for this gig. And this is exactly the kind of band I relish covering. I used to work in finance. I was not a yuppie, hipster or asshole. I just needed to make a living. And then… nope. Bands like Vile Display of Humanity prevented me from going to jail or at the very least punching someone and being reported to HR.

I’ve been writing about music for so long and have refined my tastes. Still, I need some thrash punk to make me feel alive and that it is all just bullshit after all. Vile Display of Humanity are good guys. I can tell. They worked extra jobs to make their art happen like so many indie bands but it’s not always a given that the passion is there. These motherfuckers have passion.

There are 20 extreme tracks and 20 opportunities to let go and let the thunder roar. They’ve also done what so many artists have done, said “fuck it” to the mainstream way of doing things and produced their own record. The sacrifice, the endless hours… all of it paid off. Vile Display of Humanity gives us all a good thrashing.

The band wanted the songs to reflect their views on social and political issues. To address the fucked uppedness. To put some rage back in the machine. And after a series of records, tours and starts and fits with the costs of recording studios, they went completely DIY. That raw energy, that excitement is all here. Screaming in our faces. It’s awesome.

Don’t stop.

Vile Display of Humanity M / Instruments:
Doug Mitchell – Vocals
Jake Youngberg – Vocals, Guitar
David Foster – Lead Guitar
Marty Petric – Bass
Aaron Hatch – Drums

Vile Display of Humanity Production:
This record was recorded all on David Foster’s laptop under Forever
Autumn Records.

Let Emilio show you how to dance to thrash punk

Vile Display of Humanity Tracklisting:
1. Minimum Wage
2. You Can’t Escape
3. Shades of Grey
4. Time To Die
5. Bleeding Out
6. Gallows Road
7. One More Song
8. Never Forget
9. Answers in a Bottle
10. When You See the Light
11. Daily Ride
12. Feed
13. See What God Did
14. Pipe bomb
15. The Deal’s Done
16. So Long and Farewell
17. Disarray
18. Beaten, Bandaged, & Ready
19. Walking Dead
20. Sunday Morning