Vajra: Messages From Space

Lisa Waugh

It’s hard to describe Vajra’s new record but after reading that band leader Annamaria Pinna has a neurological condition called synesthesia, she connects color and shapes to sounds, I became highly influenced by this fact. As I played Pleroma, the shadows in my den shifted. The grass in the back yard began to hum a blue/green low rumble. I was not drinking, much.

Annamaria Pinna

Each song on Pleroma has its own life and color and ripples across sand mountains to orca-filled seas. I have to admit I did see the Millennium Falcon hover over the lawn at one point. I’m not making light of the obvious work and power put into Vajra’s Pleroma. For me, it’s not dark and moody so much as it’s spacey and romantically so.

On tracks such as “Almost One” and “Blind,” Pinna’s voice recalls elements of the remarkable Natalie Merchant. Her time in India is weaved throughout most of the record. “India” is simply spellbinding. Each time I give it a listen, I hear something new and see something different out of the corner of my eye.

And I was rolling with this futuristic, spacey romantic notion until I saw their music video for the lead track “Inside the Flame.” Uh. I’m totally freaked out by this cornfield, Nosferatu-handed witch in a sun hat who makes cute boys do bad things and tote unspeakable stuff around in jars. What. The. Hell. You have to watch it. You just do.

And with that… I’m going to have to take my iPod out into the sunny back yard. There’s just way too many shadows in the house now and the grass seems friendly.

Vajra (which by the way is Sanscrit meaning both thunderbolt and diamond) are:

Annamaria Pinna – Vocals, Midi, keyboards

Blake Fleming – Drums

Doug Wright – Bass

Will Dahl – Guitar

Turtle John – Tabla


I’d listen to:

Each track from 1 to 10 because you might see a fairy riding a Tauntaun

And keep the lights on