Tumbler’s You Said is a Much Needed Trip

By Rhin Howard

Richard Grace has lived a life. He’s been a musician for decades and has weathered a lot of storms. He’s also here to live the second part of a storied life with his son as a musical partner and the result is stunning.

Grace and his son Harry Grace formed Tumbler with another music veteran Dave Needham and their album You Said is tremendous in its crafted simplicity. Good music, terrific songwriting. You Said has been described aptly as “beautiful and vaguely psychedelic.” Which is true. But the psychedelic is more John Lennon and Furs than a lost weekend at Coachella. And a lot more fun.

You Said carries Grace’s years as princes of rock n roll but holds Harry Grace and Needham’s presence in modern music. There are lovely guitars, a touch of blues, and acoustic ballads. You Said could very well be a relaxing trip through an English countryside.

Stand-out tracks:

“Moments (she reappears)” – Probably the strongest track on the record. Infectious beat, radio/ear bud ready. There’s a tinch of Flight of the Conchords in there but it could be the coffee I’ve had too much of this morning.

“Sleepy bananas are cool” – This child’s bedtime ballad is gorgeous and useful for children and adults.

“Bueller” – A lovely flowing song. Captures the essence of a relationship.

“Break or fall” – Sounds like it should have been used on a popular BBC show as the opener. Probably the most commercial track.

“Dead man’s bones” – Hilarious and catchy in its Pythonesque style. keep it on your playlist.

Hey little face wasn’t today great
Like stealing a day out of school
And I’m just like you I don’t want to lose it
Like hanging on tight to a jewel
But if we were wise we’d know by now
Sleepy bananas are cool — “Sleepy bananas are cool”

Listen to “Break or Fall”

Tumbler Members / Instruments:
Richard Grace, Dave Needham, Harry Grace

You Said Production:
Dark Horse Studios, Epsom, England

You Said Tracklisting:
1) Moments (she reappears)
2) Don’t think twice (she says)
3) London girl
4) Businessman blues
5) Sleepy bananas are cool
6) Dennis and Jean
7) Bueller
8) Break or fall
9) Call me sentimental
10) Dead man’s bones
11) Flowers and miracles
12) Rowan tree