Tumbler: Come to the Edge

tumblerBy Lisa Waugh

Tumbler’s latest once again demonstrates what happens when several generations come together to make indie music. Come to the Edge is loaded with beautiful ballads, inspiring lyrics, and the Grace brand vintage meets modern irony with Dave Needham as a willing accomplice.

But let’s start with Richard Grace, a veteran music maker who had to deviate from his dream of making music is living to make a safe place for family. And his reward has been finding a fellow bandmate in fifth son Harry. Along with Needham, the Graces have built a strong sound, ready for your device, ready for the price of admission at any appropriate venue. Tumbler is, in short, a blast.

As Harry hones his vocal signature (he sounds eerily like a young Elvis Costello on tunes such as “Week”), father Richard and Needham get to play with the tools of the old and the new, creating a rich musical experience for any sensibility and inclination.

That old school/new school element to Tumbler’s music is what marks them, but their attitude as a whole is the infectious bit. Everyone seems to be having a grand old time. ”Nothing to hold you” sounds like an instant public house favorite, in all of its group sing-a-long glory even though the guy is getting dumped. “Dial” is probably one of the best songs on the record. And “In safe hands (ft. Jim Grace)” will damn well make you tear up.

Tumbler makes it to our favorite band list, once again. Well done, gents.

To learn about how the band came together, watch the video:

“Nothing to hold you”

You got your camembert sandwiches wrapped up
A bottle of wine in your pocket
A clapped out overcoat in a carrier bag
Lady are you leaving me?
And is that a ticket to London town
Fast in your hand?
I haven’t known you long
But something told me this time
That true love
Was going to stay a while

Harry Grace- Vocals and guitar
Richard Grace – Vocals and guitar
Dave Needham – Guitar, keyboards, backing vocals

Dark Horse Studio, Epsom

1 Black sheep
2 Don’t take much
3 Falling
4 Nothing to hold you
5 Sweetest thing
6 Week
7 Winter cold heart
8 Diamond in a drawer
9 Joanne
10 In safe hands
11 Dial
12 Freedom the cry