Tipsy in Chelsea: Gaslighter

By Lisa Waugh

Dean Falcone and Trish Thompson as Tipsy in Chelsea make their music long distance but you wouldn’t know that from their latest EP Gaslighter. The two met when a mutual friend passed away and Thompson asked composer and songwriter Falcone to play at the tribute in Atlanta.

Thompson flew out from New Haven, Connecticut and found an immediate musical connection with Thompson. They’ve been making music together ever since.

Tipsy in Chelsea’s sound soothingly flows between a kind of ‘80s pop and funky Bossa Nova. Thompson’s has a strong voice that sits well atop Falcone’s equally strong music. Even while singing about heartbreak, Thompson brings a deft soft ease. That’s experience.

“The common thread is dealing with the challenges of life,” Thompson says, explaining the theme of Gaslighter. “Dealing with loss of life or love, challenging relationships and confliction with others or yourself.”

Is it tough making music together, considering the thousands of miles between the two artists. Kind of the opposite. The duo sees it as working in their favor. “Our working relationship can be tough because of the long distance thing, but it’s also very gratifying,” says Thompson. “You can work when you are inspired and are not locked into a regular schedule.” She laughs. “It makes it hard to get sick of each other.”

And that’s excellent for Tipsy in Chelsea’s fans. They’ll have something to look forward to for a good long while.

Trish Thompson – Vocals
Dean Falcone – Guitars, keys, vocals, pedal, steel, vibes
Blake Parris – Bass
Paul Barrie – Drums, percussion

Additional Contributors:
Tim Delaney Double Bass
Bruce King – Keyboards
Marla Feeney – Flute/Violin/Viola
Susan Holbrook Ridarick – Keys and Vocals
Lucia Pizzonia Keyboards and Programming
Morgan Jackson – French Horn
Paul Garret – Trumpet
John Sexton – Trombone

Production: Produced by Dean Falcone
Mixed by Tim Delaney at Electron Garden Atlanta

1. Laugh ‘Til I Cry
2. You Are the Sun
3. Fade or Remain
4. Day After Day (Badfinger Cover)
5. Twisted
6. All These Things
7. Precious to Me (Phil Seymour Cover)