The Inner Journey of The Unravelling’s ‘Revolt’

The Unravelling don’t do anything half way. From writing, performing or crafting their new single “Revolt,” all of their work is done a balls out fashion. There’s a strange controlled recklessness to their approach. The band made a big splash with their debut record 13 Arcane Hymns and everything was going swimmingly until lead singer Steve Moore got sidelined.

Since Moore’s cancer diagnosis in 2011, founder and instrumentalist Gustavo De Beauville has stayed sharp and ready for his return. Now recovered and ready to blister your eardrums, Moore and De Beauville are giving audiences a taste of what’s to come with “Revolt.”

Hard-hitting and riddled with commentary about today’s world, “Revolt” captures the frustration, brutality, reality, and necessity of a hard reset. “Revolt” could very well be an anthem for this country as we thrash around in these uncertain and galvanizing times.The Unravelling 6

The dogmas we call learning
I see a strawman burning
Black smoke is crying foul
But the convincing beast will prowl
Youth feeds on itself like the mantis bride
Poised for endless future with the baby inside
Acid milk conjurer
The guided son
Self help
Change your life
Halo gun — “Revolt”

But despite the call to action, The Unravelling’s approach to making good music is about balance. The band puts equal importance on the music and the message, through a forced perspective. As for the balance after Moore’s return, The Unraveling are deeply metal as well as deeply healthy. They’ve made sure that their energy is focused on exposing bullshit around them while not being mired in it.

So neither Moore or De Beauville are ready to throw any molotov cocktails. “The lyrics to ‘Revolt’ convey a rejection of the false and a need for inner change. This is an inner revolt that we are talking about,” Moore explains.

Let the inner revolution begin.

The Unravelling Members/Instruments:
Music – Gustavo de Beauville
Vocals/Lyrics – Steve Moore
Production: Gustavo de Beauville

“Move Forward Until You Are Dead”