The Sunless Sea’s Debut No Ghosts

By Lisa Waugh

Witte Crosby as The Sunless Sea is doing the modern pop genre right. His debut EP No Ghosts has an art house edge with nice striations of hip hop and a kind of industrial folk. The effect is both playful and ponderous. We can do both, ya know!
The Sunless Sea drives around the pop zip code but it takes a rocket ship to acoustic ballad town at any moment. Crosby’s voice is easy and facilitating across any emotion at his disposal. Far from a hat trick. It’s a seasoned voice with its own characteristics. That little twist at the end of a line, for instance.

Basically, No Ghosts can be enjoyed in a variety of head spaces, as all good music allows. Each listen adds a new wrinkle to Crosby’s process behind the record. It’s light but it’s thoughtful.

Crosby as The Sunless Sea is letting something shine here on No Ghosts, showing off new angles and hidden realms of his talent and skill. All without bluster.

Witte Crosby – vocals, multi-instrumentalist,

Listen to the title track “No Ghosts”

All music by The Sunless Sea
Recorded at Charleston Sound Studios
Produced by The Sunless Sea & Manny Sanchez
Engineered by Trevor Marron
Mixed & Mastered by Manny Sanchez at IV Labs Studios

No Ghosts Tracklisting:
1. No Ghosts
2. Battles
3. White Lies & Waistlines
4. Closure
5. Void
6. XO