The Society Island’s ‘The Big Sleep’ Is The REM You Need

Boris Rogowski’s The Society Islands has a new project and it’s a dreamy delight. The Big Sleep reflects Rogowski’s philosophy that influences can and do come from anywhere. Music is a flowing space where genres are welcomed to jump in at any given point along the shore. The Society Islands jump into that flow with The Big Sleep and the result is stunning.

The artists describes the new record:

The Big Sleep as a whole can be read as a meditation on impossibilities: There is no way to start over with a clean slate, to change who you are or to make beauty – or even happiness – last forever. It would be a depressing sentiment, were it not coupled with the one good reason to keep trying: The endless creative power of discontent.

Who said that the music scene today is filled with mindlessness?

The Big Sleep is a big think of a project and at times is part Porcupine Tree or Brian Eno. At other times Abba and Paul McCartney and a dash of that time Bowie was nearly radio mainstream.

Boris Rogowska of The Society Islands

Boris Rogowska of The Society Islands

But The Big Sleep is not all over the place. It’s a lovely record with a very specific direction with each track. The goal may be discontentment but there are many pockets of pure entertainment along the way.

I love the production of the record, tight but breathable in the mix. We’re also treated to the vocals of Isabelle Holder and Eva Bardo. They mix well with Rogowski.

“Stargazer” is a knock out. Featuring spoken lines from a film and an ensuing score, I find it to be one of my favorites on the album. It’s closely followed by “Archer.” I love just about anything named Archer and this driving/floating track could easily be in the closing credits if they ever made a feature film.

The Big Sleep is airy, dramatic, intoxicating…from “Square 1” to “…and Silly Things,” The Society Islands will keep you wound up, thinking and pondering.


The Society Islands Members/Instruments:
Boris Rogowski (vocals, guitars, bass, keys, woodwinds, percussion, drums)
Moishe Lichtfuss (Saxophone)
Benedikt Filleboeck (Trumpet)
Isabelle Holder (vocals)
Eva Bardo (vocals)
The Big Sleep Production: Boris Rogowski

The Big Sleep Tracklisting:

Square 1
From My Mouth Into Yours
In The Water
Run For My Money
Cheap Life
Blood Tide
…and Silly Things