The smallest Creature: “Reboot”

Antiem Boyd

If “Reboot” is any indication, the upcoming record from The smallest Creature will do quite well. The single is ethereal and reflects the power of the band. The echoey treatment isn’t overplayed, giving the track a dream-like quality. The production is on point as well.

I was privy to three more tracks from The smallest Creature and the first impression is of early U2. One of the tracks, “Spring,” is reminiscent of Nirvana and not in that irksome tribute way, but we’ll get to that when the full album is released. Another is definitely from the deep end of the Stone Temple Pilots pool.

Suffice it to say, this band makes excellent music. Looking forward to what’s to come.


Stefanos Marnerides – Vocals, guitars, songwriting
Iacovos Stylianides – Drum
Stephanos Nicolaou – Bass
Christina Christodoulou – Backing vocals on “Copenhagen”

Recorded at Fishbone Studios with engineer Marios Hadjikos
Mixed by Stefanos Marnerides and Marios Hadjikos
Mastered by Slavic Selin,TakeAway Studios