The Rightly So

By Stephen Chow

Greg Zeis and Jess Chizuk are a perfect duo and their new self-titled album The Rightly So is nothing short of amazing. I love Americana and when it’s as good as this, I’m reminded of why. As The Rightly So, Zeis and Chizuk lay down just the right lyrics and just the right guitar licks. Seriously chill music.

I like the roomy mix. Jess Chizuk’s voice kills. Greg Zeis is no slouch either. They bring all of the best of the genre right to the brain stem. Big sky road trips. Open fields. The rush of greenery and road side fruit stands. The neon fireworks stores just up at the bypass. Trailer park parties. Friendly hitchhiking bears.

I feel like The Rightly So are on top of a mountain performing for just me and some really cool non-hunger woodland creatures by the fireside. I’m not goofing. Their music is personal/intimate and radiates universal appeal, too.

I’m not much for mentioning awards because I prefer to look at the music and not be swayed by the trophies, but these two deserve the myriad accolades they received, separately and together. On their own, Chizuk and Zeis have accomplished a lot. As a duo, they are unstoppable.

“Blackberry Brandy”

Greg Zeis – Vocals , guitar
Jess Chizuk – Vocals, guitar

Production: Recorded at Outer Limit Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY,
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Ken Rutkowski

The Rightly So Tracklisting:
1. Blackberry Brandy
2. Crash This Car
3. Brush Fire
4. Hurry Up
5. Wine and Shine
6. China Plates
7. Don’t Step Out Of The Light
8. In The Line Of Fire