The Mighty Snark of Paul Maged’s ‘Diamonds & Demons’

On Soundcloud, Colleenstracks is delighted with the opening line of “Look at Me”: “Good morning miss sunshine who are you gonna walk on today haha☺.” I’m with Colleen, Paul Maged is a hell of a wordsmith and he’s nailed that bitch to the T. We all know that bitch, right.

On Maged’s latest record Diamonds & Demons, he embeds a sense of humor in his sharp observation of the world. From rampant narcissism to war, Maged’s voice is the Roger Daltrey (the streamlined Tommy version) of now…if he had the wicked wit of Keith Moon and the evangelism of Elvis Costello.

The whole of Diamonds & Demons is craftily light considering the weight of the messaging. Maged can deliver some heavy thoughts while keeping it catchy as is noted on “Last Days” and “Human Warfare” or “My Dear Love.”

Being able to make your audience think while playing air guitar on their bloody mary glass. That’s a gift.

Diamonds & Demons is the follow up of Maged’s In My Time, a thoughtful and compelling debut. On this record, Maged’s sound has matured in the best possible way. He continues his special skill of thinking out loud with us, pondering the silly to the sublime, loneliness to the effective use of rage.

You’d think Maged would look like the road-weary musician, fitfully jaded from his journey, weathered in just the right way like the perfect vintage store leather jacket. But, surprisingly, these tunes are pouring out of a young man’s soul, the musical version of Ron Livingston, brothers from another mother sharing an acid wit.

Dude totally looks like Ron Livingston

Dude totally looks like Ron Livingston

Like a lot of the new artists, Maged’s music defies categorization. A singer-songwriter, sure. But there’s the punk tones, the rock thrang and and an anthem conveyor belt always at the ready. This is what makes modern music so good these days. Fuck the genre. Embrace the music.

So you can either think along with Maged’s lyrics or simply absorb the meaning through the melodies, head banging or cocktail aloft, absorbing your favorite acid rain sunset. It’s your choice.

Diamonds & Demons Tracklisting:

Look At Me
Cause & Effect
Last Days
Diamonds & Demons
I’m Okay
Blind Faith
Human Warfare
Love & Loss In The Western World
Paradise Island
My Dear Love
Not Complicated
Somber Song
I’m Gone
64th & 1st
What Is Peace exitlude


Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Sean Gill
Recorded at Nightlife Productions, NYC


“64th & 1st”