‘The Mantra’ is a Force of Nature Ganganbaigal

Nature Ganganbaigal: The Mantra

By Lisa Waugh
If you’re looking for something unique, like pagan folk, to infuse into your music collection this summer, we suggest Nature Ganganbaigal, Chinese name Tianran Zhang. Throat singing underneath a cinematic score? Check. A travelogue on horse back? Check. The Mantra showcases Nature Ganganbaigal’s very specific talents, a lifetime of experimentation and genre bending.

This artist’s particular is what happens when genres meld, lines are crossed and then criss-crossed again. And why indie music allows for a much more interesting progression and evolution.

So where does Nature Ganganbaigal draw all of these sounds from? Ganganbaigal is a composer with credits in film and video games. He’s also a professional Mongolian fiddle Morin khuur player and throat singer. He also heads up a Mongolian folk metal act. And he’s played as a soloist with NYU Philharmonia in New York.

Each track conjures its own landscape, its own journey. While “The Mantra” and “White Pony” are windswept and grand, “Leader Wolf” is urgent. The Mongolian stringed instruments set this track apart. “Ancient Gobi Road” is the more mainstream of songs on the EP. “Life Rattles On” is a soulful track, raw, sad, sparse, and probably the most compelling of The Mantra.

Nature Ganganbaigal’s The Mantra is fresh, unique, and certainly worth a listen.

The Mantra Tracklisting:
1. The Mantra
2. White Pony
3. Leader Wolf
4. Ancient Gobi Road
5. Life Rattles On