The Lost Poets Talking Out the Best Side of Their ‘Mouth’

I’m thinking punk Bowie or a cinematic metal Nick Cave as the first few strains of “Mouth” bounce from my speakers. The Lost Poets are a Swedish rock dream and one of my favorite things to come from that sweet golden land since Vikings and the

The Lost Poets: David Rosengren and Petter Ossian Strömberg

The Lost Poets: David Rosengren and Petter Ossian Strömberg

I don’t know what it is about Sweden but the country produces some amazing artists. What makes The Lost Poets so delightfully down tempo, ballsy rock and headset friendly?

Let’s look at a few facts about Sweden. There are only 9.7 million people in the whole country. There’s only 850,000 people in Stockholm, the largest city and where The Lost Poets hail from. Basically, that’s how many people roll with Rihanna at the realest parties ever.

Vikings come from Sweden. Vikings could rock a tasty braid and an axe & shield at the same time while they go to war…with the women.

Later on, when Swedes stopped wearing animal skins and pillaging neighboring land masses, they still had the inherent need to hold an axe. So they are naturally attracted to guitars and things that remind them of axes and clubs like drums and cymbals and big ass amps. Well, I’m not sure what the amps symbolize but whatevs.

To explore this mystery, let’s look at David Rosengren for a second. Well, you can’t see his face because he doesn’t have one but again, whatevs. How does his voice sound so much like a reanimated Jim Morrison or the demon soul of Nine Inch Nails? What causes his guitar to scream like a shipwrecked ghoul with perfect pitch? I don’t know but it’s pretty amaze balls.

And what powers the mind and nervous system of Petter Ossian Strömberg? What causes the perfectly malfunctioning of his synapses to create such sounds on bass and drums? Possibly ancient power tools from the gods.

It doesn’t matter, though, because the huge mind-expanding sounds of The Lost Poets have found a home on my sludge playlist this weekend. Possibly forever.

Check out “Mouth” for yourself and feel it’s steely bite.

Single/Video title:

The Lost Poets Members/Instruments:
David Rosengren, Vocals, Guitar. Petter Ossian Strömberg, Bass, Drums.

MOUTH 2.21, – The Lost Poets Production:
Alex Holmberg, MFG Studios, Stockholm, Sweden and The Lost Poets
Tracklisting: Track written and arranged by The Lost Poets.

“Mouth” – Check out these two no-face having awesome bombs. Yeah!

Swamp Blues, Rock, Grunge, Sludge (yes, there is a genre called Sludge, I reckon)