The Lost Poets Insubordia PT II

By Antiem Boyd

This one of our favorite bands around here. The Lost Poets are dark, dramatic, making Part II of Insubordia is an excellent listen. Beautifully executed, there are shades of metal, deep echoes of a film score, and mysterious, almost tribal elements to some tracks such as “Beyond Redemption.”

“1000 Mph” sounds like a classic already. “As Long as I Am Conscious and Clear in My Mind” is unearthly and could be mistaken for Bowie. You’ve simply never heard anything like “Monomyth.” Wonderful stuff.

The whole effect is melodious and hypnotic. The Lost Poets are known for making music that could be used across various mediums and projects. They also emit some swamp blues, but the heart and soul of the band are deeply old school rock.

The Swedish duo made their way out to Los Angeles and working their anonymous faces off. From films to books, David Rosengren and Petter Strömberg are in demand after breaking onto the scene back in 2014. And what got them a lot of praise and offers for projects has everything to do with their drive.

The Lost Poets provided music for the Dolph Lundgren film Without You I’m Nothing, they opened for Volto, and have been tearing up the iconic music clubs on Sunset Strip. They’ve also produced a short film, Tales from Insubordia, and a children’s book The Lost Poets. Definitely not just two nondescript faces.

“Danny Electro”

David Rosengren – Vocals, guitars, piano, mandolin
Petter Strömberg – Drums, bass, piano

The Lost Poets & Alex Holmberg, MFG Studios, Stockholm

Insubordia PT II Tracklisting:

Insubordia pt II
Danny Electro
Beyond Redemption
In A Wasteland
1000 Mph
In Filth
As Long As I Am Conscious And Clear In My Mind