The Knights of Sir Cadian Rhythm

Here’s the perfect record for the weekend: Sir Cadian Rhythm’s self-titled EP. Its got easy ballads, flowing jazz and an overall vibe that lets us know that after the storm, everything is going to be copacetic.

The band is comprised of Juilliard graduates, experienced jazz artists and astute lyricists. These elements, combined with an instinct for the stage, making Sir Cadian Rhythm both an excellent studio and live performance group. The swirl of tastes and styles has also made for a highly-enjoyable project, expertly produced.

Sir Cadian Rhythm: Matthew Carlin, Keith Miller, Richard Cluxton, Alex Laudani, Jack Weppler

Sir Cadian Rhythm: Matthew Carlin, Keith Miller, Richard Cluxton, Alex Laudani, Jack Weppler

“Flood of XIV,” like a few of the tracks have a definite Incubus sound to them but not in negative or jukebox way. Sir Cadian Rhythm has tapped into something that is bicoastal. Also this track is one of the most radio-friendly on the record.

As for the specific vibe on each track, it stems from the vocalist. Jack Weppler’s voice on the whole EP bends and shapeshifts. Here with “Flood of XIV,” he conjures that specific Brandon Boydness. It’s a good song.

“Holly’s On Fire” is an excellent example of how the brand brings together all of its various backgrounds and flavors. The track is jazzy swing with a definite metal sting and white hot lyrics.

“Ouroboros” is the heaviest rock track on the EP and expertly crafted. Again, channeling an Incubussy vibe but definitely allowing the band to make their own mark.

My second favorite track is “Run Around Town” probably because it showcases the band’s blending of styles, looping in and out of each other. The track is loosely controlled and yet a whole lot of fun. Weppler’s voice is top notch.

“Villain Fear” simply soars.

With each listen, it’s certain that we’ll hear from Sir Cadian Rhythm again and again and track their ascent.

Sir Cadian Rhythm Members/Instruments:
Vocals: Sir Jack Weppler
Guitar: Sir Alex Laudani
Bass: Sir RIchard Cluxton
Drums: Sir Keith Miller
Keys: Sir Matthew Carlin

Produced by: Sir Cadian Rhythm
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Nick Zinnanti of Zin Records located in Calverton, NY

Sir Cadian Rhythm Tracklisting:
Flood of XIV
Holly’s On Fire
Run Around Town
Villain Fear

Styles: Alternative, Rock, Jazz, Pop

“Stay With Me” / “Won’t Back Down”