The Homesman (Review)

by Antiem Boyd

I compartmentalize movie watching like this: some are events like going to see Ex Machina, new Netflix crack to binge watch or as I do, gulp watch (two episodes or more at a time then a break), stuff I hear that is hugely popular and I will break down and DVR or Amazon Prime it, things I’ll buy on iTunes to reference later or share with my wife if it’s good, and then stuff I’ll give a shot late at night when I can’t go to sleep.

That’s what I did last night with The Homesman. It just didn’t look appealing on iTunes so I would flip past it. When it landed on Netflix, I was game and in the mood for Tommy Lee Jones’ crazy face.

What a strange and mesmerizing film. I was not prepared for how off kilter it was and how much I was going to be riveted to the screen until the end credits. Jones, Hilary Swank, John Lithgow, Grace Gummer, Miranda Otto, Sonja Richter, and Tim Blake Nelson are stellar. The cameos are a casting dream. Always good to see Jesse Plemons, Barry Corbin, and William Fichtner in anything. And of course, they got Streep for a couple of days to play her small part like the mastermind that she is.

There’s jarring shift in time that works given the topic. We don’t do summaries around here, believing that you can get that anywhere. What we do is give our opinion. Which you can take or leave. You don’t know me but I like good shit. I also watch a lot of stuff. There’s too much to take in and too little time so if it’s junk, I usually don’t bother with it. Unless it’s a real stinker and then a review turns into a health warning.

The Homesman is worth your time, even if it’s kind of a time warp. I didn’t sleep for hours. Very tired today.