The Great Game Chooses the Road Less Traveled With Its Latest Self-Titled LP

Bold, playful and fierce, The Great Game’s self-titled album is combination of so many styles you’d think it wouldn’t work. But it does. Drawing from a deep well of new world music, rock, fusion, blues, prog, jazz, metal and reggae, the band hail from Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America with all of that coming to form quite a unique.

“Science” is all at once funk and Madness! An excellent way to kick off the record. “Religionism” is a wickedly throaty attack on war waged in the name of religion. Vocalist David Hastings is a little Bowie in his approach before swinging over to King Crimson. “The Turning Of The Wheel of Dhamma” is almost Lynchian in its jazzy, rambling.The great Game

Vocalist Inbal Rosenblat swings in for “Television” and again, it’s an unexpected approach to a track, part ballad, part Middle Eastern dance rhythm. From the Pearl Jam-feeling “Bipolaroid,” we shift into what could be a cinematic score with “El Hechizo De Hoy” if the film were French.

“Poetry In Motion” is near as this band will get to mainstream. It’s poppy and infectious but still very much belonging to The Great Game’s unique sound.

The whole record is a wonder to behold because The Great Game are fearless about mixing all kinds of genres and, sometimes, even tempos at the same time. It’s a funky circus of sounds feel, leaving the listener feeling as though they are on a long journey with a wacky band of marauders. So if you are down for something completely different, this is your record.

What’s cool about The Great Game is that they are so focused on their music and their fans, they always put their art before the commerce horse. They are offering the album for free here . Enjoy.

The Great Game Members/Instruments:
Male Vocals: David Hastings
Female Vocals : Inbal Rosenblat, Medina Whiteman (guest on Poetry in Motion)
Guitar and backing vocals: Mounzer Sarraf
Saxophones and Clarinets: Martin Fell
Drums: Bruno Meeus
Bass: Manuel Saez Canton
Accordion: Paul Chamberlain
Trumpet: Jimi Garcia (guest)
Trombone: César Ralleyguieb (guest)

Production: Mounzer Sarraf and Dirk Oliestelder

The Great Game Tracklisting:
01: Science
02: Religionism
03: The Turning Of The Wheel Of Dhamma
04: Television
05: Bipolaroid
06: Elhechizo De Hoy
07: Poetry In Motion
08: Hungarian Dream
09: Pax Romana
10: And The Blind Man Lead The Way
11: Elemental Raven Storm
12: Slave Magic
13: The Great Game (bonus track on CD)

“Elemental Raven Storm”