The Furious Seasons ‘My Love is Strong’ Is the Perfect Album for Pirates

The Furious Seasons: My Love is Strong

By Antiem Boyd June 6, 2015

furious-seasons-my-love-is-strongDavid Steinhart and The Furious Seasons must be pirates because My Love is Strong is a pirate record if I’ve ever heard one. Full of life lessons, glorious mistakes and ballsy face offs. Demons howl, sirens calls and R&B via Jim Croce seeps and Bob Dylan with a tinch of John Hiatt into this Americana, folk pop, pirate record.

Four albums in and this LA band sure knows a thing or two about taking us on a crazy journey. There’s a murder ballad – “Understood.” There’s a night raid theme – “Southern Night.” There’s a tavern song – “Fooled By The Bottle.” There’s a redemption song – “Perfectly.” There’s a bitter love song – “My Love Is Strong.” There’s a road/time tune – “Here.” And there’s a confessional track – “Bad Man.”

My Love is Strong is intelligent, funny, chocked full of wisdom and irony and again… the best pirate record to plunder to, even if that plundering is making pancakes with your hungover friends. Sometimes the record even feels like the soundtrack to an ‘80s cop show. I would have watched that cop show.

The pace of My Love is Strong is well done, a great mix of up and down tempo songs to keep you bopping along. I’m almost reminded of my dad’s old Glenn Campbell records while I cook bacon and suffer through another day of giving up cigarettes. My Love is Strong is definitely making me want a cigarette. This is a high compliment in my house.

My Love is Strong is rich, visceral and worthy of a long, ponderous listen before setting sail.

The Furious Seasons Members/Instruments:
David Steinhart: Vocals, guitar
Jeff Steinhart: Bass
Bob Gannon: Drums
Eric Marin: Keyboards

Production: Bob Gannon

My Love is Strong Tracklisting:
1. Southern Night
2. Understood
3. Perfectly
4. Fooled By the Bottle
5. Summer Rain
6. Bad Man
7. Full Disclosure
8. Valentine
9. My Love is Strong
10. Here
11. Want Me Too
12. Wind Blown
13. Soft Landing