The Departure: Gateways

By Lisa Waugh
Straight outta Salt Lake, The Departure is a five-piece band bursting with energy, shredding soundwaves like it’s no big deal. From the first track “For the Best” to the last “Thoughts,” Ryan DeBlanc, Max Hedding, Gaven Allein, Aidan McDonald, and Dylan Proesch are having the best of times and we want in.

Gateways conjures SoCal rock from the mid aughts, metal from the deepest bowels of New York in the ’90s, and the windswept cliffs of ’80s pop videos. They’re also a bit like Blink 182 on acid. Or maybe Shades of Sum 41 on sizzup. We’re not saying the band does drugs just that they are high on something and we want some of it. Life? Maybe they are high on life. Yeah, let’s say that.

The record is a surprising force that sounds familiar yet altogether fresh and new. There’s also a lot going on. Good stuff jam packed into seven tracks. Ballads flow between hardcore metal tracks. Title track “Gateways” has a bit of all of that.

There’s a drive to the album. An infectious drive. The listener feels as though they’ve taken flight. The band has done their job. Making music that takes the listener on a journey is hard to do. Like we said. We’re in.

Ryan DeBlanc -Vocals, guitar
Max Hedding – Bass
Gavin Allein – Drums
Aidan McDonald – Guitar
Dylan Proesch – Keyboards, vocals

Tracked by Scott Shields
Mixed/Mastered by Erik Godal

1. For The Best
2. Incompetence
3. Gateways
4. Forget Everything
5. The Sea, Pt. II
6. Lonely Eyes
7. Thoughts