The AfterAffects’ RushHour

By Stephen Chow

The AfterAffects’ RushHour got me like… damn. It’s a monster epic EP, crushing all of the other tracks in my iTunes like Godzilla. There’s so much good shit coming out of these two guys, it’s the best thing ever. As The AfterAffects, Alan Montgomery and Ricky Kyle are described as “Scottish electro/house/funk innovators.” I’d like to add insanely talented geniuses to that.

Their music is not one thing. It’s many things. Many excellent elements. There’s soulful pop, shimmering trance, spoken word, original vocals by Montgomery, and hypnotic percussion and synth. EVERY track is stellar. EVERY track.

I’m a hard sell. So when I started pushing The AfterAffects on people, it was a thing. When you share good music with people, they trust your taste. I have recommended things in the past that still come up like drug store wine but this EP maintained my status as knowing good stuff. Thanks, guys.

Download RushHour, dance to it, surf to it, make pulled pork to it, make love to your person, or just stare out to the horizon like a goddamn conquering hero. I suggest listening to “Sometimes Sunshine” when you do that last one.

“What You Do to Me”

Alan Montgomery on vocals, synths, and guitars
Ricky Kyle on synths, drums, and programming

Production: Montgomery / Kyle

What you do to me
Sometimes Sunshine
She takes pictures(Of herself)
Rush Hour