Thank God for the Brits: Staring Out The Sun’s ‘Break The Silence’

Before you blink, Staring Out The Sun will be a lightning bolt in the sky above your computer where Ticketmaster lives. If the EP Break The Silence is any indication, the band are poised to not only break out, they are also amassing an audience in record time.

Their studio work has been stellar and nearly out matched by their live performance. Fans are responding to the band’s powerful sound, pounding with energy, message and an overall repeatable good time. There’s also a certain art to making it all look so seamless.


Best described as electric and hugely engaging, Staring Out The Sun is a welcome British import. The musicians have spent their collective lifetimes as artists, perfecting their music making. They’re serious about their efforts but still know how to stop down and enjoy the ride.

The London-based Staring Out The Sun caught the attention of producer Matt Hyde who has also produced for Slipknot and Fightstar. Hyde recognized the pure talent within the four-piece and knew how to partner with them to bring out a raw yet highly consumable sound.

“Trust No One” launches the EP with some hard hits, sounding very much like embryonic Metallica. “YMEE” demonstrates the bands crunchy rock trademark. There’s enough grit balanced with a very streamlined production. “Secrets” could easily be an American radio hit. And “Anaesthesia” closes out the EP with some impressive harmony.

Staring Out The Sun are definitely poised for bigger venues and an ever widening audience. And they have worked very hard to deserve it.

Staring Out The Sun Members/Instruments:

John Buckell – Vocals
Alex Alvarado – Drums
Tekin Mustafa – Guitars
Chris Caller – Bass

Break The Silence Production:

All tracks written by Staring Out The Sun.

Recorded at True Studios & Crown Lane Studios.
Produced By Matt Hyde & Paul Blue.
Mixed & Mastered By Matt Hyde.
Additional Keys & Samples By Richard Norris.

© ℗ Sleep Walk Records. Released By Sleep Walk Records in collaboration with True Music.

Break The Silence Tracklisting:

1. Trust No One
3. Secrets
4. Anaesthesia