TALIA: Thugs They Look Like Angels

By Stephen Chow
Consider my doors officially blown off. This French trio will certainly remind Hole fans how good that band used to be and how the sound is alive and well in TALIA. TALIA transcends that time and place, even if they have as much balls as Hole did. But their intent is not a pissing contest with the past. They’re hear clearly for themselves and to make their own mark.

Thugs They Look Like Angels is a gem because it reflects and refracts elements across several eras. It thrangs like early Police. Vibrates with ‘90s grunge. Shakes with the conviction of the present. It’s full of rich madness.

Lead vocalist Nicolas Costa has this terrific and unusual scratch to his voice. It’s power lurks just under the surface of each track and rises to full force just at the right time. Drummer Hervé Goardou and bassist Alice Thomas are playing their guts out. It’s frenetic. It’s exciting. The ripped fish nets and smeared eyeliner of great music. The broken mic stand of CBGB punk.

It’s one of those records I’d call fresh vintage. Even the mix and overall vibe feels caught in the golden amber of a certain time while sitting squarely and resolutely in the present. Timeless, maybe? Is that the word I’m looking for? Doesn’t matter.

Thugs They Look Like Angels is simply put, fucking amazing. Pardon my French.

“American Bride”

Alice Thomas : Bass, backing vocals
Nicolas Costa : Guitar, lead Vocals
Hervé Goardou: Drums

Freeway Music Studio, Custom Studio, 7eme ciel Studio

Track listing:
1. American Bride
2. Play Dead
3. It’s been oh so long
4. Johnny Bait
5. Self Induced Fever
6. High Strung
7. The Flood
8. Over The Line
9. Dog Blood
10. Bounty Killers