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Felinez So Real

By Lisa Waugh Felinez likes to build tracks from the ground up. He creates from a dark and surrealistic place with hypnotic results. Driving melodies, thunderous drums, excellent track titles, cutting his own path, his own way. You’re compelled to follow, not knowing if danger or pleasure lies ahead. With So Real, we’re inside Felinez’s […]

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Mystic Pete’s BassPop

By Lisa Waugh If you like cinematic EDM music with a badass beat and subliminal spiritual messages, Mystic Pete should most definitely be in your rotation. Humor, intelligence, and a spiritual bent make Mystic Pete one of the most unique artists coming out of LA. And BassPop is something entirely new for your music collection. […]

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Sound Strider’s ‘Intrepid Travels’ Explodes the GPS

by Lisa Waugh Sound Strider is the score of a surrealistic landscape at the deft hands of a mind explorer. Sound Strider’s self-promotion can be on the ridiculous side with his description of his latest EP, Intrepid Travels describing it thusly: “unique brand of haute sonique from on the finest waveforms hand picked from the […]

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