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Countless Thousands: You’re Goddamn Right

By Stephen Chow Countless Thousands’s You’re Goddamn Right is pure nerd theatre rock. The four-piece pooled their show choir, cosplay, Civil War reenacting, jazz licks, and rockabilly magic into one pot and voila, a ripping record. Each track is sharp, edgy, and catchy as hell. Danger Van Gorder may be throwing out funny lyric frisbees, […]

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Human Darts: Explicit Thoughts

By DG Barrow Human Darts is what happens when a band with a cult following back in the late ‘70s gives birth to various musical babies and then re-emerges from its subterranean lair in the mid aughts, having evolved into a monstrously awesome strain of its original self. What Shane Close and John Arduser bring […]

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