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The Peanut Gallery: Tales from the Basement

By Hugo Wise When Orlando and Flee Jones came out on the other side of a larger group (Party of 5IVE), they discovered that rare thing musicians are lucky to find… someone who gets you. More importantly, someone who can translate that understanding into a powerful and success endeavor. Orlando is the egg head to […]

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3Bubble & J.Gray Live from the Pentagon

By Carl Sampson You know how you grind for someone else’s dreams and money, getting very little in return? You’re always in sleep debt, credit card debt, and haven’t seen your kids in days? 3Bubble, Cleon Solomon III, experienced that, I’m guessing. He burned and churned at the “Studio,” crafting songs with musical partner J. […]

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Well, Hello, Mimi LaRue

By Lisa Waugh I don’t know if Mimi LaRue is ready to break into the music business or my house but I like what she’s doing. Comedy + country + rap + pop culture shaming = this girl. Hey, it worked for Rachel Bloom. LaRue’s series of music videos and tracks reveal just how deadly serious […]

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