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Chameleon Technology: Blank Canvas

By Shep Landers Behold, Max Histrionic’s Chameleon Technology and the latest project Blank Canvas, a fun as hell breakneck immersive experience. It’s a record of anthems, screamed to perfection by Histrionic who sounds like a punk James Hetfield, especially on track “Self Repair.” Then he’s a kind of John Doe meets Brandon Boyd on “Blank […]

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Solo Artist Breaks the Sound Barrier with ‘In Silence’

by R.B. Sloane Burak Ozmucur’s In Silence Burak Ozmucur’s music can be hard, high energy and vocally hard core but his new EP In Silence lets him explore his melodic side, a slight departure from his usual heavy metal sound. In Silence is an ethereal and winding, down tempo record full of contemplation. Ozmucur’s music can […]

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