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Magnetic Ghost: Loss Molecules

By Stephen Chow Shoegaze is a tricky genre for me. It can either be engaging or trigger laughter. What Andrew Larson has done with Loss Molecules is definitely in the engaging end of the spectrum. It’s big, it’s burrowing, it’s expansive and I feel like I need a broadsword in my hand. Possibly I need […]

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‘Burden’s Landing’ Is An Easy Feat for Winchester Revival

Winchester Revival’s EP Burden’s Landing is a superior effort. This hardworking Oakland band has pooled their influences to create a record that appeals to both indie and commercial music fans. Vividly written, well crafted and produced, Burden’s Landing is what making music is all about. There’s a fine balance between several genres with an astute […]

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Manilow’s ‘Cease and Desist’ is Smart Punk

by Lisa Waugh As a former punk disciple, Manilow had me at their band name. To kick off the first track of their new EP Cease and Desist, “Missing” hits the right spot and elegantly smashes the mood to gooshy, delicious pieces. Manilow’s record is a nice thrash indeed. The London band is propelling a mix […]

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