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von Konow: “Cosmic”

By Lela Ajait For his new record Lieder, Marko von Konow royally growls his way through this crazy old world, fully embracing that sweet spot of one of the best musical eras. Von Konow is, in a phrase, ‘80s-tastic crack at storytelling. He’s U2, Depeche Mode, a bit of Eurythmics, and just a tad Rocky […]

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The Lost Poets Insubordia PT II

By Antiem Boyd This one of our favorite bands around here. The Lost Poets are dark, dramatic, making Part II of Insubordia is an excellent listen. Beautifully executed, there are shades of metal, deep echoes of a film score, and mysterious, almost tribal elements to some tracks such as “Beyond Redemption.” “1000 Mph” sounds like a […]

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Michael Cullen’s True Believer

By Antiem Boyd Michael Cullen has become an indie pop, punk godfather, edgier with time. Afraid of nothing. That’s what makes Cullen a True Believer and his record worth a listen. His music is not fearless so much as full of expectation. You can’t be too afraid when you know what real pain is. He’s […]

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