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‘The Mantra’ is a Force of Nature Ganganbaigal

Nature Ganganbaigal: The Mantra By Lisa Waugh If you’re looking for something unique, like pagan folk, to infuse into your music collection this summer, we suggest Nature Ganganbaigal, Chinese name Tianran Zhang. Throat singing underneath a cinematic score? Check. A travelogue on horse back? Check. The Mantra showcases Nature Ganganbaigal’s very specific talents, a lifetime […]

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Anne Steele Is A Strong New Voice For the LGBT Community

Anne Steele’s new EP What’s Mine may seem light out of the gate but… do not be mistaken. She’s packing some heavy messaging in those buoyant melodies. Steele is a favorite with music fans who champion the LGBT community and she’s just as keen on getting out the message of equality as Kelly Clarkson, Pink […]

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Big Time Love for The Workers ‘Totem’

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a rock opera but The Workers certainly conjured up images of Tommy with their latest EP Totem. Lead by Dan Greenwald, Totem is a collection of deliciously odd melodies. The Workers bill themselves at The Talking Heads meets Frank Zappa but I think Totem is even more […]

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