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Nashaat Salman: “Unforgettable (feat. Lakita Bagwell)”

By Castio Guerrerra Nashaat Salman makes music on the side. Well, the artist is a film and multimedia composer as well as an instrumentalist and orchestrator so there’s that. In his latest single, Salman captures love and longing. He leaves the nature of the relationship up to the listener. “Unforgettable” dips and soars as Salman’s […]

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Nashaat Salman Universal Melodies Vol. 1

By Ben Talle “Summer Night Joy” Nashaat Salman’s musical speciality is painting an exotic landscape. The film and multimedia composer’s new record, Universal Melodies Vol. 1, is a four-track travelogue through sunny climes, balmy nights, and horn-ladden romps. Salman’s work is exotic and definitely cinematic. There’s an infectious beat to each of the tracks on […]

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