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‘The Fall’ Season 2 Tumbles Into Whateverness

I’m going to try and not be a buzzkill about The Fall season 2. I do think it’s worth watching. Just don’t get all wound up and expect it to be AMAZING. Cause it’s not. But it’s not bad either. It’s got the prerequisite number of stars for whateverness. This is the new trend in […]

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Netflix Offers Up the Wonderful ‘Rita’

by Lisa Waugh If Linda Hamilton were Danish, smoked and was a slutty private school teacher, she’d be Rita. Or if Fergie were really skinny. This well made TV series is currently lighting up Netflix and is worth a watch. All 8 episodes are fresh, fun and full of terrific acting. Big distractions are the […]

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Arrested Development Is Back and I Peed

The show that is all about inside and pop culture references is back just in time for a lazy Memorial Day Weekend. And it’s not Family Guy.  I was so giddy over seeing the return of Arrested Development on Netflix, I did let go of a little pee. I feel a little bad for our […]

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