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Vajra: “The Mirror”

By Obie Millickian Oh yeah! One of our favorite bands is back and badder than ever. Vajra’s new single “The Mirror” is blasting up the Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart just off of a 29-city U.S. tour. The single is from their upcoming album Irkalla and is indicative of Annamaria Pinna’s crazy good voice and the […]

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Lifewalker’s Rx

by Lisa Waugh Good news for prog rock/metal fans. There’s a new artist to add to your rotation. Lifewalker blasted onto the scene in 2015 and are taking the world by storm, one set of ear buds at a time. Their debut EP Rx is fierce, well-produced, and a respectable addition to those genres. Members […]

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Return for Refund Is A Radio Favorite Replay

Return for Refund has quickly become a college radio favorite and their self-entitled EP is getting a lot of air play. That rapid-growing following is probably because the band have paid their dues and have made a serious study of some tried and true genres; hard rock and funk with a splash of grunge alt. Return […]

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