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moduS ponY’s Dandelion Isle is here to entertaiN yoU

by R.B. Sloane   moduS ponY’s latest retro atmospheric spoken word of wonder is Dandelion Isle. There’s no easy description of moduS ponY’s music besides those words or maybe it’s more fitting to say that they sound like if Salvador Dali had a band. There’s molten flower power, a lava of words, subterranean guilt and […]

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Williamson’s Backesto Park

By Lisa Waugh There’s a lot to enjoy and bathe the brain in on Williamson’s Backesto Park, the artist’s homage and shout out to his San Jose neighborhood.The 14 track project is result of two years in the studio. Electronic, cinematic, and very much a hypnotic record (Williamson’s fifth), Backesto Park offers up something new […]

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