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viseMènn’s Dream Single Begging You Please

By Antiem Boyd The dream rock genre was created for bands like viseMènn. Their latest single “Begging You Please” has all that you desire in a moody, ambient rock tune. It’s full of gossamer chords and longing like only this Norwegian band can. The tune feels like the deep woods where it was recorded. An […]

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A Tour Inside Ransom Scenery’s ‘Ear to Ear’

Ransom Scenery: Ear to Ear By Lisa Waugh Very Bjork-like and pure dreamy surrealism, Ransom Scenery’s latest record Ear to Ear is certainly a step into its own space. Very much into dream rock and avant garde around here but this album escapes even that classification. The seeming lack of boundaries belies the irony in […]

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