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David Tennant and Olivia Colman Shine in ‘Broadchurch’

If you’ve been wondering what your favorite 10thDoctor has been up to, well, this is it. David Tennant, who winds up his native Scottish accent, plays the lead inspector (DI Alex Hardy) in a child murder case in the sleepy seaside village of Broadchurch (shot in Somerset). His troubled, sour-faced cop is a departure from […]

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Chords of Truth: Let Your Mind Go and Your Body Will Follow

Lisa Waugh Jason Garriotte of Chords of Truth wants to share a message with you. Open up your mind, seek the truth, you have a purpose and there is no difference between “Pop or Soda.” He’s so dedicated to this message that he’s opened himself up to a large variety of talented artists and producers to […]

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