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Mystic Pete’s BassPop

By Lisa Waugh If you like cinematic EDM music with a badass beat and subliminal spiritual messages, Mystic Pete should most definitely be in your rotation. Humor, intelligence, and a spiritual bent make Mystic Pete one of the most unique artists coming out of LA. And BassPop is something entirely new for your music collection. […]

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Broken Guru: ‘Bent Up Halo’ Is Finely Tuned Gritty Love

Broken Guru are native New Yorkers, of course, because that’s one of the places where gritty, honest, soulful music is made. Bent Up Halo is a refreshing blast of finely chopped songs you need in your life. Booming, humorous and oh so garagey, the record vibratest with true punk pioneer spirit with a twinge of […]

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