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von Konow: “Cosmic”

By Lela Ajait For his new record Lieder, Marko von Konow royally growls his way through this crazy old world, fully embracing that sweet spot of one of the best musical eras. Von Konow is, in a phrase, ‘80s-tastic crack at storytelling. He’s U2, Depeche Mode, a bit of Eurythmics, and just a tad Rocky […]

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Opium Denn’s Demarkation

By Lisa Waugh Rarely do you find a record with a warning label for operating heavy machinery or driving a car, but here you go. Opium Denn’s goal on Demarkation is to relax the mind, and possibly knock something profound loose in there, possibly unfold that layers of us. Using HEV, Health-Science Enhanced Vibrations, Opium […]

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