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Shark Week: Aerosmith at the Bowl

Lisa Waugh First off, I’d like to thank Chris Homsley for writing a real review of the Aerosmith show at The Hollywood Bowl. My piece will not be complete as I visually experienced only three songs of this show. Why? Karma. Shark Week. Fatness. Humidity. Hollywood. I should explain. When you take your friends voluntarily […]

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Aer-o-Smith (not quite Waytoo-oldo-Smith)

Chris Homsley My first rock concert was a 3-way bill in 1978 featuring Ted Nugent, Mother’s Finest, and Aerosmith. My mom took me and my pal, Jim, who lived next door. Jim actually had a copy of Toys in the Attic and we used to play Big Ten Inch over and over and laugh ourselves […]

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